Our Mission

Longevity Marketcap seeks to track and analyze the growing anti-aging biotechnology revolution by aggregating the financial data of the world’s longevity and regenerative medicine biotech companies.

By facilitating market intel we hope to more easily attract capital and awareness to the longevity industry, accelerating the advent of radical life extension.

How we choose which stocks to list

The line between “normal” biotechnology companies and longevity stocks can be a bit blurry at times. There are many different aspects of biological aging that can be targeted. Furthermore, not all longevity companies market themselves as anti-aging companies, preferring to sell themselves as a pharmaceutical company that targets some age-related disease as a more practical investment thesis.

Generally, we consider any company that targets any of the “Hallmarks of the Biology of Aging”, age-related degenerative diseases, or develops regenerative biotechnology as part of the longevity biomedical revolution.

Longevity Marketcap Team

Nathan Cheng // Founder & Editor in Chief

Twitter: @realNathanCheng

Nathan Cheng is a Toronto-based longevity evangelist and founder of Longevity List, Longevity Marketcap, and Biohack Stack

He is also the author of the Longevity Marketcap Newsletter — a weekly review of developments in the longevity industry (companies, investing, translational science).

Nathan is a former Quantum Optics Ph.D candidate, dropping out after an existential crisis that eventually led him to discovering the longevity and healthy lifespan extension movement.

His personal mission is to grow a wave of passionate people building, funding, and championing technologies that extend healthy human lifespan.